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Hidden Pain

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Anger, anger is driving me insane... Is it really anger or just my hidden pain? Pain so deep that I can't go to sleep, pain so deep inside it hardly feels like I'm alive.

Anger, anger sometimes it gets the best of me, and I lash out not knowing that it's really destroying me. How can I heal from this pain inside? Do I open up and cry out for the Lord to take away the pride?

When you're really hurt inside you don't let that show you put on the face and let the world know, "You won't hurt me again, you won't let me down again, you won't see me cry again oh, and you won't be my friend."

But this anger inside is slowly killing me, and I'm letting it rob me of my purpose and destiny. You see my name was written in the Lamb's Book of Life, my purpose was planned before the pain began!

I declare Jesus is the answer! He can take away the pain, He can make me smile again, He can make me whole and give me joy again! Oh, so I release this pain, I declare to be free, I will be what God called me to be!

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1 Comment

Love it! Jesus will take it away! Amen!


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