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"I would recommend Ms. Wendy because she shows a true concern for a person inter emotional state and how to resolve their personal issues."

Lee Craig

"Wendy came to us at a very difficult time in life for my daughters and I. Although, the plan was for counseling for my daughter.  She looked at me and saw the need I was in and also offered her services to me.  She has tremendously helped my 16-year-old and myself with a lot of the issues she has been dealing with in life.  She is consistent, reliable, and has great resources. I highly recommend her.  She is priceless to us."

Mandy Brooks

"Ms. Wendy is a good therapist who cares about the people and helps them understand their trauma. She listens and engages well in each session."

Haley Williams

"Ms. Wendy truly cares about the people she helps and sees them through the entire therapy process. Ms. Wendy is not your typical therapist folks!"

De'Andre Brown

"Ms. Wendy is one of the best therapists I ever had!"

Melissa Estes

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